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Y is for YES

April 6th, 2013

‘Yes’ is the word forsales people, business owners, job seekers and anyone that is in sales. For sales people, agreement is the key to earnings. For business owners, YES means
that your customer has said they trust you to perform services or to deliver the
products. For a job seeker, the job offer is validation of worth and hope for a
better tomorrow.

Oh, you don’t think that you are in sales? We are all selling something!

  • When you ask someone to marry you, are you hoping for a yes? If not, why bother?
  • When you apply to a college, is not acceptance the goal?
  • When you are on a job interview, are you selling yourself?

Yes, Yes, Yes. It is a wonderful word and it comes in many forms. You have to expect
a yes to listen for it. Expectancy is the positive thinking part of selling. Then, when you hear a positive buying signal, you are conditioned to hear a ‘Yes.’ Here are some ‘Yes’ phrases that you may hear:

  • “We are thinking about January for installation”
  • “When we build our home, we are going to install carpet from your company”
  • “When we hire you, there will be training”

These are examples of verbal buying signals. A verbal buying signal is an implied yes and a sign that agreement is at hand. This is when you hear good business people say:

  • “Then we better get the paperwork approved”
  • “Great, let’s get the order filled out”
  • “When do I start?”

Think positive, expect a yes and then listen for it. Be ready to accept a little adversity and a few obstacles. But when a Yes comes along, smile and role with it!

Do you really think that your products and services are a nice fit for the
customer? Do you believe in your carpet line and know that it is perfect for
the new homeowners? Will you be a good employee? Yes, Yes, Yes.

What a wonderful word YES is to hear! Listen for it! Expect it! Now go get ‘em Tiger!



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