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“X” is for eXisting Concern

May 4th, 2013

The entire point of consultative selling is the find out the needs, wants and concerns of the buyer. By asking questions and listening, you should get a short list of issues to address in your product or service presentation. On your tablet or notepad, you can write a letter ‘X” and then address each concern directly with a feature, advantage and benefit.

Then, ask a checking question.

This confirms that the issue has been solved in the mind of the buyer. Simple? It is if you know the right questions to ask. If you want to know more about sales questions, visit facebook/salestrainer4U. Let’s visit a Case Study and then learn a method.

Case Study:

Let’s imagine that you are selling online advertising. You have asked great questions and found out that the buyer wants to reach a certain type of buyer in a limited geographic area.  There is a budget, but the business owner is old school and very skeptical about new media. Here is a sample XFAB:


“We can offer you a Targeted Package in the geography you want”


“This will give your business a combination of powerful online promotional tools”


“This is a greater value for you because it reaches a niche audience”

Now Check with your buyer:

“Does that address your concerns about a test package that can reach your audience in the towns  that you want to target?”

If you know the issue and can help, then use XFAB Check method:

eXisting Concern:

Hidden needs, wants, concerns, issues of your customer


The capability of your product or service


What the feature does to fix the situation


What it ultimately means to customer


Confirmation Question

Using the XFAB Check method will keep your presentations organized and relevant.  Remember to ask questions, listen and take notes.

Tailor your solution to your buyer’s needs and sales will go up! Visit me on Google+ or Facebook… I want to hear how you used this to help your buyers!


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