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Saturday: Balancing Family and Work with Zoning

September 17th, 2011

It’s easy to get consumed by your work and neglect your family. Communication with your spouse on both family and business objectives means that you are both in agreement on
the weekend.  Even though Saturday used to be ‘down time’ – there may be professional projects that simply must be accomplished.  Try to isolate time that does not compete with important family or social obligations.

We can do that with a Time Management application called ‘Zoning.’

Zoning is picking out a productive block of time for complete focus. Let’s identify the early morning hours of Saturday:

  • You bought the book on how to write a business plan, but there has been no time – until now.
  • Block off the three hours before anyone gets out of bed!
  • This will allow you to still have time for family and personal activities – with the sense of accomplishment that you are moving ahead with
    your goals!

Here is a sample schedule:

6:00 Read a chapter on market segmentation while you have a cup of coffee

6:30 Surf the internet to identify industry resources

7:00 Who Are the Market Leaders?

8:00 Where are the areas of opportunities?

8:30 Where is the one market niche where no one is focusing?

At nine, it’s time to move on with life and spend some time with the family. You’ve documented your progress and saved the document. When the time is right, share your progress with your spouse and thank your husband or wife for the support. This communication will show that you are serious about your new business, with a common realization that it is going to take a lot of hard work.  Zoning will help you balance both family and work as you achieve your dreams one step at a time.



Monday – Aspire to Greatness!

September 12th, 2011

Two leadership attributes are prioritization and organization. Here are some questions that I ask myself at the beginning of every week:

  1. What are my goals this week?
  2. What are the priorities?
  3. What needs to happen and why?

You may be a job seeker or the C.E.O of a major Corporation – but one simple truth still applies. Life without goals is a life without purpose. Purpose fuels motivation – so identify those goals and priorities early in the week. Then, make it happen!

There are action items that usually carry-over from the week before, so it pays to be organized with a task list.

  • This is a coping mechanism for busy people – because items can be put aside and ‘stored for
    later.’ Following up on important tasks means that you get to the finish line.
  • Tackling the most important priorities – or the most time sensitive – gets the week off
    to a smart, focused start.

In addition to professional accomplishment, there are
personal goals to reach as well. Most of us like to be good – or great at our
jobs. Monday is a perfect day to aspire to greatness. It is not enough just to be
motivated – we should reach the heights of our chosen profession.

Greatness at work should not be our only priority. One daily goal you might want to adopt is to
help two people a day.

  • I don’t count opening doors or general politeness – but some form of assistance or positive
  • It may be lifting a suitcase for an elderly person on a plane or
    an anonymous act that no one knows about – those are the best.
  • These positive acts multiply and after a year become exponentially thrilling to the
    soul. It also serves as an example to others who are watching you!

Start out each week aspiring to greatness! Being a leader
means setting your goals and trying your hardest. Set your priorities and use your
time wisely. Along the way – see how many people you can help. Your
contributions matter!

Distorting Time with ‘Wow’ Moments

July 23rd, 2011

In Tony Robbin’s book Awaken The Giant Within, he maintains that we can ‘distort’ time.  Let’s take this as a challenge to explore how time is flexible in our own lives. Then, we will look at harnessing positive energy to stretch time!

Time is Flexible

Watching a clock will normally make a day crawl; getting completely immersed in activities will make the clock spin. The old adage ‘time flies when you are having fun’ is really true! If you want time to move quickly, stick with multiple activities. Fill up every hour with different goals and tasks. Feel free to multi-task to demand more of your mind!

  • Avoid boredom – seek constant stimulation and invigorate your schedule with personal challenges. This will help you avoid getting depressed or anxious.
  • If you want to control and harness time, select activities that require full concentration.

Stretch the Magic Moments

In meetings with customers, I love to get a ‘WOW.’ I used to move on quickly from these magic moments but now choose to stay there as long as possible by…

  • Asking questions to encourage discussion around the topic.
  • Using humor and enjoying the laughter
  • Solving problems and encouraging discussion

Avoid Negativity

Observation and experience has taught me that negativity shrinks or KILLS magic moments:

  • Negativity comes in many forms, including our non-verbal body language.
  • If verbal comments include any complaint, gripe or gossip – the excitement is snuffed.

Your personal awareness of time will help you control your mental state of mind. When you are active and engaged – life is more fun and energizing. Your positive energy, thoughts and feelings can then be transferred to others to help make time elastic.

Focus on the needs and wants of others and it will s-t-r-e-t-c-h the magic moments of your life!


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