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Getting Our Warriors Back to the Business of Life

July 13th, 2011

Yesterday, my family dropped me off at the airport after a very nice vacation. On a stop-over in Charlotte, I met a mother with a son in the military. Her son is scheduled to deploy this fall and you could see the concern in her eyes. Without pause, we bowed our heads for just a moment to pray for our sons and daughters.

In a dream last night, I saw soldiers returning from war. Our Veterans were not getting off airplanes, but were shopping for groceries, looking for jobs and getting back to the business of life. In this dream, I saw America respond in the greatest civil movement in our nation’s history:

• Organizations like Churches, Civic Organizations and Non-Profits began to rally together at community levels.

• Hospitals, Clinics and other medical facilities began offering advanced, special services to help our service personnel adjust and heal.

• Businesses got involved too with sponsorships, training and hiring programs.

• Citizens began to assist at local levels with donations and volunteerism.

There were programs of all varieties – and everyone wanted to help. Then – my dream ended as an alarm sounded from my cell phone. It had been so real – watching our country live up to responsibilities.

On the edge of my bed, I realized that I can’t control everyone else’s time and money. What I realized that my dream was no more than a mirror – being held up to my face.


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