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Free Sales Tip ! The Persuasion Equation

October 20th, 2013

In this video (click on The Persuasion Equation Charlie shows you a faster way to get your point across with….

  1. Stimulators
  2. Motivators
  3. Responders

Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to grab attention and to motivate a busy buyer to meet with you? If so, then watch this video to see an example of how to communicate in a more effective manner.

The Persuasion Equation

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Whirlwind Wednesdays

September 14th, 2011

Whoever coined the phrase ‘Hump Day’ accurately described Wednesday. The middle of the week is so hectic that it’s like a whirlwind. These days often start early and include planes, trains and automobiles. There are proposals to present, objections/obstacles along the way and of course – negotiations. This is the life of a professional sales person. In this pace, the traveler can sometimes lose their way.

Like most men – I don’t like to stop and ask for directions. GPS systems are awesome for guys like us – but logic, maps and facts are not enough for the autonomous professional.

  • We have to use hunches, intuition and emotional intelligence to find our way in life, don’t we?
  • If we stand for something and strive for mastery at our chosen profession – then an internal compass takes over.
  • Values become more important than tactics
  • If you violate your ethics, there is tremendous stress.

The cliché ‘honesty is the best policy’ applies to professional selling. If a mistake has been made, escalate it immediately to management. Apologizing to the customer never hurts (except our pride) and the chance to make up for the mishap can solidify a relationship. There will be disappointments. We cope with these setbacks as we seek greatness in our chosen profession. If you screw up, don’t repeat the same mistake. Take corrective actions and prove to yourself that you can turn this weakness into strength.

Whirlwind Wednesdays are good days to take out the trash. Don’t forget to recycle!

Tuesdays are like salads, fruits and vegetables

September 13th, 2011

Tuesdays to me are a lot like salads, fruits and vegetables. Every plan that was laid out on Monday gets rearranged by customers, situations and clients. Sometimes you want fruit, but you get veggies instead. If you seek achievement, you will have highs and lows throughout the day.

Tuesdays are filled with meetings that include needs analysis and solution based presentations. It will include questioning, listening, technical analysis and clear communication. Concentration balanced with customer centric empathy can yield fruit. There are no guarantees – sometimes you seek peaches and get brussel sprouts.

The purposeful soul seeks accomplishment higher than work. Understanding that setbacks occur prepares us to overcome obstacles or to deal with the fact that we can’t control every outcome. Sometimes people undermine us and it is an opportunity for forgiveness.

Forgiveness is cultural and habitual. In our family, we all have made mistakes. Like most husbands, I’ve learned the words “yes dear” and “I’m sorry.” There are principles and preferences at work in our marriage. There are some things we don’t bend on and there are lots of compromises. Everyone has heard the phrase “pick your battles.” Principles are things you strongly believe in – not just things you want or have opinions about. Preferences are merely individual wants based on personality or situations.

Flexibility is often more an attitude than a strategy. Adjusting to other people – like to their tastes – is an example of being aware of the preferences of others. Being willing to switch restaurants is a good example. She may want salad – you may want steak. Will you adjust?

The real challenge to being empathetic – you know…. understanding the other person’s point of view… is that your own needs and wants can get ignored. So – you have to be assertive if someone starts walking on you. I like the phrase “do you see the word doormat on my back?” You have to watch your tone of voice as you say this – and yes, I get in trouble all the time!

Journal Entry #1: Jail Re-entry Program

June 28th, 2011

The students are inmates and are preparing to come back into society. An innovative program leader has sought facilitators and I volunteered. We have been warned what to do in hostage situations and put through an orientation advising us not to divulge personal information. We have also been told that some inmates will try to get you to smuggle items in and out of the prison.

The program leader asked for a syllabus and my first class for job seekers is about motivating yourself and others.

  1. First, we go through a motivational model with breakouts and interactive exercises. My first objective is to encourage and lift spirits.
  2. My second objective is to get the job seekers thinking about what might be appealing to employers.

When I asked if any of the inmates had a job waiting, I was pleasantly surprised to find that three out of the thirteen had a job already arranged. Each person had career direction – mostly vocational. We have an electrician, a carpenter, a truck driver, a plumber and a heating / air conditioning man. Yes, my class is all male and most of the students range in age from 21-45.

In a discussion of intrinsic motivation, the truck driver spoke up about travel, meeting new people and the beauty of America. Other topics included communication, logic and problem solving. We ended with a Personal Qualities survey designed to help the students pick out positive elements of their personality to emphasize with employers.

At the end of the session, I asked ‘what section did you like most?’ and the electrician said ‘problem solving.’ Several students nodded and agreed. Later I realized that they were asking me to make these topics useful and for me to show them how it will address issues in their world. As the students were leaving, one person lingered. A young African American – the heating and air conditioning guy! He said ‘It’s hard to have a positive attitude.’ A few years ago I would have come back with a cliché or some idea related to attitude. Now, I simply replied ‘I know.’

As the Program Leader and I were leaving the jail, we went through seven sets of locked doors – all watched by video surveillance. I had to take my white board marker because inmates steal them and sell the ink for tattoos. This is going to be different!


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Journal Entries from Pro Bono Sales Coach Charlie Van Hecke.
Charlie volunteers to help Business Owners, Job Seekers, Veterans and 2nd Chance Citizens cope with change using positive sales psychology and skill infusion.


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