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Sales Enablement: Product Launch Collateral

March 1st, 2014

Sales Enablement is leadership strategy to equip and empower revenue generating employees to perform at the highest levels. This brief article provides Product Launch collateral as an example.

Sales and marketing often operate independently. Sales Enablement is an idea to bridge that gap. Product Launches overlap the two functions so this common element is a great place to start. Providing sales people with collateral that supports getting a new product to the market just makes sense.

Product Launch Collateral:

Product Guides

Presentations and Scripts

Demonstration Tools

Industry Information

Competitive Intelligence

Kicking these off with webinars and providing online access helps your sales force with education and tools. If you would like a white paper on the 3 D’s of Product Launch Sales Force Enablement, just email me at

Why Sales People Need to Train Like Olympic Athletes

June 30th, 2012

The top sales people in the world want to be the very best. To be at the top of your game, it takes knowing your products and what they can do for your customers. Learning about the competition is one of the best ways to learn about your industry. When you compare and contrast, it helps you differentiate your value proposition from the competitive offerings. Behind each company that you are competing against is another sales person – just like you!

Olympic Athletes have a training mentality because the difference between winning and losing can be a split second. 60 Minutes ran an interview with Michael Phelps and Anderson Cooper after the Beijing Olympics. It is widely known that Phelps won the gold in the 100-meter butterfly final at the Water Cube. What is not widely known because it was impossible to see with the naked eye was that he won by ONE-Hundredth of a second due to one small difference.

On the final stroke, Phelps kept his head down remaining streamline while Serbian competitor, Cavic, lifted his head creating a speed bump effect. The training and conditioning Phelps endured day after day, month after month; year after year mattered to qualify him for the Olympics, but what mattered more at the end was a slight difference in execution.

Well, check out this June 29, 2012 headline:

2012 Olympic Swimming Trials: Michael Phelps Dominate In Men’s 200m IM Semifinal

That’s right. Phelps is back to his winning ways.

Do you want to win at sales? There are a lot of people that answer yes to that question without understanding the commitment. Notice that I didn’t ask you if you want to get by, be second best or even be a member of your local country club. I asked you if you want to win! Winning means organizing your life, rearranging your attitudes and getting all your activities into a winning pattern.

Winning at sales means that you recognize a gold medal mentality. When you are called upon to sell, you must be ready. Readiness suggests that you have trained for the NOW moment and can achieve at the highest levels. You can compete against the best in the world and walk away victorious. Do you have this gold medal mentality? A gold medal mentality means that you want to be marginally better today than you were yesterday. It means that you have a competitive fire that burns brighter than the pretender they call your competition. A gold mental mentality means that you can separate your ego from your behavior to learn new strategies, tactics and methods.

For these reasons, sales people need to train like Olympic Athletes. In the weeks ahead, we will be tracking the Olympic athletes preparing for the London 2012 Games. Stories will appear on the salestrainer4u/blog and on facebook/salestrainer4U about Olympic athletes, their training regimen, their attitudes and their discipline.

Why? There will be winners and losers, just like in sales. Even athletes who train hard can lose. Will they keep their focus? Will they practice and perform under pressure? Will they dig deep when other people have written them off? Not all sales people want to be the best. But if you have read to this point of the article, my belief is that you do. You want to win at the highest levels of sales greatness. In that case, stay tuned to this blog and join in the facebook/salestrainer4u dialog. It’s time to go for the gold!


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