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Book Review: The IT Sales Challenger Guide {ISBN # 9781495963889}

October 5th, 2014

This is a fantastic example of a sales process within a vertical market. What Neil MacArthur accomplishes in “The IT Sales Challenger Guide” is to identify stages of the sale where “teaching” and “tailoring” increase repeatable, profitable business growth.

There are nuggets in this brief strategic blueprint of how to sell Information Technology products and services in the financial industry:

– Policy and regulatory change can create teaching opportunities
– The suggestion that sales compensation be based on profit and not revenue
– The role of qualifying
– The use of the word ‘dialogue’ within the sales process to encourage tailoring

In conclusion, reading the IT Sales Challenger sparks ideas and reminds us that strategy promotes tactical planning. Companies that can guide the sales force with vertical market research may find that their sales people can teach and tailor to better meet customer demands. By identifying opportunities, training our sales teams and executing a plan, sales leaders can achieve repeatable success.


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