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Free Sales Tip ! The Persuasion Equation

October 20th, 2013

In this video (click on The Persuasion Equation Charlie shows you a faster way to get your point across with….

  1. Stimulators
  2. Motivators
  3. Responders

Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to grab attention and to motivate a busy buyer to meet with you? If so, then watch this video to see an example of how to communicate in a more effective manner.

The Persuasion Equation

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The Maze

July 23rd, 2011

It was my third visit to jail and there would be no escort in the catacomb of locked doors and gateways. My background was checked and I was given a ‘no escort needed’ security badge. My program leader had been kind enough to show me twice how to get to the classroom. The problem is that very design of the jail was like a maze. It makes sense that a prison would be hard to navigate.

Every turn was a choice with a buzzer. You push the button and wait for the sound giving permission to pass from one hallway into another. I had made it through four doors and started to doubt if I was on the right path. Do I make a right here or take a left? I decided to go right, pushed the buzzer and then went into the wrong area.

Suddenly I realized that I was in an open area with prisoners. The doors to cells were open and it appeared as if the entire area was being mopped and cleaned. The cells were bigger than I imagined – but everything seemed metal grey. Steel bars, metal bed frames and concrete floors were the décor of wardens, I suppose. Nervously, I simply turned around and hit the button. For a moment, nothing happened and I could imagine the guards getting a chuckle out of this. I figured I was on camera and I tried to smile.

Once I was on the move again, I regained my focus and went right to the classroom. As the students came in, I confessed to them that I had gotten lost. One man asked me ‘how did that make me feel?’

Without a moments delay – I replied ‘I didn’t like it at all. I was slightly claustrophobic; a little disoriented and felt like I had no control over my life.’

My student said ‘don’t feel bad – I feel that way every day inside this place.’ The shared honestly kicked the class off on a note of mutual understanding.

One the whiteboard, there were notes from the previous session. One of the messages said ‘don’t let others control your lives.’ I found it ironic.

The lesson today was interviewing skills. I had prepared some scenarios with role plays. One of the volunteers leaned back and a fellow student shouted ‘don’t lean back – lean up!’ My role play went south and an argument erupted.

Holding up a hand I asked ‘are you letting his criticism control you or can you regain composure?’ Lights went off in their eyes and the lesson hit home. Then, I modeled how to mirror body language. I sat in a chair and when my student leaned up – I leaned up. He sat back and then I sat back. We decided that you could overdo mirroring and the best posture is to simply sit up straight.

At the beginning of class – most students were reluctant to do a role play. At the end of class – all but one of my students had selected the role play for next week.


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